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Land Mammal - "Emergence"

Land Mammal is an experimental psych rock band from Dallas, Texas that specializes in "heavy, meditative psychedelic rock". The band is primarily composed of vocalist/lyricist Kinsley August and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Will Weise, who recruit many other musicians with various skills and instrumental specialties to create an immersive and worldly sound. Land Mammal released their debut self-titled EP in 2019, the album Slow Your Mind  in 2021, and their second full-length album, Emergence, on July 12, 2024.  I first heard Land Mammal's music when they released the single Tear You Down leading up to the release of Emergence. To say that I found myself utterly enchanted by its beautiful earth tones, triumphantly soaring vocals, and blissful, dreamy quality would be an understatement; I felt absolutely empowered by it. There was something else about the band's sound as well, something ancient yet incredibly modern, like stumbling upon an intricate relic, that spur

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