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No Man's Valley - "Chrononaut Cocktail Bar/Flight of the Sloths"

  No Man's Valley is a band from Horst, Netherlands who has been releasing music since about 2012. Their genre is a bit hard to pin down, having a tendency to vacillate between psychedelic rock, retro rock, blues, post-punk, indie, and alternative. This variety is clearly heard on the band's newest album, Chrononaut Cocktailbar/Flight of the Sloths, which releases on April 19, 2024.  You see, after No Man's Valley released the dark psych blues album Outside the Dream in 2019 and played just a few celebratory shows, the pandemic hit and the world seemed to stop turning for quite a while. No Man's Valley, like many other bands whose careers were effectively put on hold at that time, dove into nurturing their creativity, writing and incorporating modern technology into the process in order to stay sane. A slow and steady journey led to the creation of the album we're going to talk about here; an album with two very different sides. All of the songs that the band wrote

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