Berlin Stoner Rockers Thunderdope Release "MOTORSATAN" EP


Thunderdope is a massively underrated stoner rock/metal band from Berlin that first got my attention in October 2023 when they released their heavy-hitting debut EP, Planet Weed. Less than a year later, Thunderdope is back with their sophomore EP, MOTORSATAN, which was released on July 3, 2024. 


MOTORSATAN sees Thunderdope staying true to their balls-to-the-wall, high octane stoner rock roots that they debuted on Planet Weed, but the band's sound has certainly grown up a bit in the best way. Not only are each of the four songs on MOTORSATAN more sophisticated in composition, but Thunderdope has utilized some influences from other genres, such as heavy psych and garage rock (the song Solar Centipede is a great example of this). The band's stoner metal prowess is all over the gritty, turbulent tunes Dead Morning and MotorSatan: songs that are weighty but still chock full of stoner groove. The jewel of this EP for me is its last track, Strawberry Voids. Here, Thunderdope really changes up their style by channeling a bewitching combination of psychedelic, retro, and garage rock, with a hint of heavy blues in the mix. This nearly seven-minute groover allows the listener to coast along on its catchy but moderately chill hooks, a great way to end the album after the more metal-inspired tracks that precede it. 

It's always awesome to see bands that already had your full approval continue to level up and evolve their sound, and Thunderdope proves on MOTORSATAN that they're just such a band. This short but sweet EP doesn't scrimp on big sound, groove, or variety at any point, showing the band really coming together as musicians and solidifying their signature sound. More than anything, MOTORSATAN makes me incredibly psyched to see what Thunderdope is going to do next! 

Track Listing:

1. Dead Morning
2. Solar Centipede
3. MotorSatan
4. Strawberry Voids

More About Thunderdope

You can follow Thunderdope and listen to their music at the following links:

This is a band that deserves infinitely more attention, so go out there and show Thunderdope some love! 


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